Fighting Fire

Friends I’ve maintained this website since 2009 under the belief that knowledge, as much as possible, should be free. To that end the Fire Service Warrior Team has offered up over a thousand posts and the equivalent of three years worth of daily fitness programing all for the good of the cause.

In that spirit I am offering up my newest book, Fighting Fire: A Framework for Fireground Operations as a download. Below you will find PDF, Kindle, and Nook formatted downloads they are free for you. They are copyrighted with a Creative Commons license which means you can freely distribute this work to anyone; you just have to leave all the copyright information and my name on it, and you cannot make changes. So if you want to distribute it to a department full of folks, go right ahead.

I look forward to your feedback and thank you for the honor of your time.

Christopher Brennan
Founder – Fire Service Warrior

Fighting Fire Kindle Version

Fighting Fire Nook Version

Fighting Fire PDF Version