Our Mission

FireServiceWarrior.com is the official website for an emerging, operational framework known as the Fire Service Warrior Concept.

Our Mission is simple: Forging Fire Service Excellence.

That’s why we take classes, struggle in the gym, and sweat on the drill ground. Our Ethos guides us in “How” to achieve that goal. Our Ethos is the road map, laid out clearly and concisely for each of us to measure our actions against. What is the product at the end of the day? We are a resource, an opportunity, and a community for firefighters who are prepared to thrive on the fireground so they can protect the lives and property of their neighbors.

The title “Fire Service Warrior” was coined by our founder Christopher Brennan in developing and codifying his philosophy for reducing fire ground injures and fatalities through Forging Fire Service Excellence. Chris first published these ideas through his original website, www.fireservicewarrior.blogspot.com, and continued to develop the concept through www.fireservicewarrior.com, in training classes, articles, and his book The Combat Position:Achieving Firefighter Readiness. Today the mission continues and the team is growing. Will You Answer the Call? If you have an article to share or an idea to propose please review our Style Sheet and email us your ideas.

Our Team

Christopher Brennan Christopher Brennan is the Founder, Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief of FireServiceWarrior.com and President of Spartan Concepts Inc.






Lieutenant Brian Brush of Lakewood Colorado has 16 years experience in the fire service. Brian received his Fire Officer Designation from the Center for Public Safety Excellence in 2010. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Fire and Emergency Services and an Associate’s Degree in Paramedicine. He has written for Fire Engineering, presented at FDIC, and is the Managing Editor of FireServiceWarrior.com.





Leo Meli has been a member of the Elk Creek Fire Protection District (Conifer, CO) since 2010. He currently co-leads the fitness program and is a member of the fire academy faculty at his combination department. Leo is a site Administrator of FireServiceWarrior.com and Moderator of the FSWForums.





Gary Lane is a career firefighter/paramedic for the City of Kent (Ohio) Fire Department and a volunteer with the Brady Lake Fire Department. He is a State of Ohio certified Fire Instructor I and the lead mentor for new probationary firefighters. Gary is also an adjunct instructor for the Maplewood Career Center in Portage County(Ohio) and co-owner of the training group FireGround Fundamentals,LLC which focuses on “Making the Basics Better”. Gary is a contributing Editor to FireServiceWarrior.com.



jefferiesBio PicJason Jefferies has been a firefighter for 16 years, is a career firefighter assigned to Engine 4-B of the Charlotte (NC) Fire Department, and a volunteer/part-time firefighter with the Belmont (NC) Fire Department.  Along with being an IFSAC Level II Instructor specializing in Live Fire and SCBA, he is a staff instructor at the NC Breathing Equipment and Firefighter Survival School.  Jason has led numerous classes all over his home state and has had articles published for the Fire Department Training Network and Fire Engineering Magazine.  He is a contributing editor for Fire Service Warrior.





Dan Manning is a Lieutenant in the suburbs of Chicago with over 18 years in the fire service.  Dan is a contributing Editor to FireServiceWarrior.com







Travis Rask works for Snohomish County Fire District 7.  He is a fourth generation fireman and a member of the Puget Sound FOOLS.